Added FOLLOWERS, with a Twist

Wiebold Studio

Opportunity / Problem

Wiebold Studio is one of the United States' premier restorers of art and antiques. They wanted more followers to increase the size of their marketing channel.


  1. Researched audiences and selected likely customers.

  2. Created a variety of visuals related to client's services.

  3. Ran the ads, adjusted audiences and visuals as usual.


  1. Increased number of followers.

  2. However, cost per follower was high. Audience criteria included high liquid assets and high home value, with interest in art and antiques, so we expected relatively high cost per follower. But it was higher than we expected and higher than client wanted to pay.

  3. We discovered the visual style people responded to best.


Based on what was learned, client was able to continue the campaign in a different direction, targeting all incomes and a broader range of interests. They achieved more followers at a price they liked, and now generate more activity on social media. It's not clear whether the new followers are likely buyers, but they feel good about lots of social media activity.

We can bring you followers with twists too

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