New web + mobile e-commerce site and social media for Dark Star Hot Sauce 🌶

Artisan x Local x Fire

Based in Milford Ohio Dark Star uses as many local resources as possible. Produce, vinegar, local mustards, packing supplies etc. 

Made for chefs by a chef with a recipe from the heart of Thailand. We are dedicated to making high quality sriracha and sriracha based gourmet sauces. Named after the beloved Grateful Dead Song we stay true to the spirit of clean natural food, No additives or preserves are ever used!

Most sauces are Vegan, Gluten free and sugar free. Flavor is what we love at Dark Star.

What We Did

Dark Star Hot Sauce came to us with a fantastic product and brand. We took the current branding and expanded it to a seamless e-commerce site and beautiful images for social media - along with the data driven expertise of our fearless leader. 

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