Why We Don't Have an Account Manager

We don't have an account manager and the reason is simple: account managers add a layer between clients and the results they're paying for. We keep things streamlined – our clients meet with us, we meet with them! It's that simple.

TBH, full-sized agencies need account managers – there are numerous roles to fill. But at smaller more streamlined agencies, fewer managers and more producers are the better.

Another agency's experience

At first, clients weren't used to debating approaches, concepts and work with the people who make them. But they learned the skill fast, and they appreciated that the line never went slack.

We've never had an account manager position. This article in Adverting Age shares the experience of one agency that tried several account managers, each with a different promising approach, but ultimately eliminated the position...

Why We Killed the Account Manager 

Who you'll meet with instead

At Sund + Co, Mark is the research director: he does market research and analyzes campaign data. Sarah is the creative director, with a disciplined and creative approach to design and advertising. Jennifer is our designer, with a broad range of design and website experience.

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What about results?

 We bring our clients actionable marketing data and industry-leading engagement rates.

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