2019 AMA Pinnacle Award: Research Insight Catalyst

Recipient of the 2019 AMA Cincinnati Research Insight Catalyst Award

Control Bionics developed and sells NeuroNode, an advanced communication device for people with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease), spinal muscular atrophy, and other conditions with paralysis and loss of speech. The company was founded by Australian CNN news anchor Peter Ford, and in 2014 partnered with Cincinnati- based TAI to form Control Bionics.

Control Bionics had perfected their product and manufacturing process by 2018, and had the capacity for rapid growth. They were running campaigns with another agency for most of the year using Google search, display, and video, and Facebook posts and ads when they came to us in fall, unable to break out of their monthly lead numbers.

Primary objectives were to…

  • Increase qualified leads, not just incrementally but by multi-100%s

  • Accomplish this in four months, including research and testing (Sept-Dec 2018)

Additional objectives that developed…

  • Test language and visuals for the benefit of all their marketing

  • Generate word-of-mouth buzz among clinicians and users in the augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) community

  • Promote the product launch for NeuroNode 3 at the ATIA convention in Jan 2019. The new device combined EMG and eye-tracking into one system, and they wanted a big splash.

Even without access to expensive big data, it’s possible to test and validate marketing strategies and advertising decisions.

Social advertising platforms are basically big data vendors in disguise, and we use Facebook + Instagram as the world’s largest focus group. The rich set of available audiences, display modes, and feedback types make the platform unparalleled for testing and advertising. The quantitative support and uninterrupted transition from testing to advertising makes a difference for organizations conscious of their budgets and wishing to move quickly.

Validated Process

Though our data and design engineering, we achieved for Control Bionics:

  • Growth in leads by multi-100%s.

  • Accomplished in four months, including research and testing. 

  • Cost per lead reduced to well below 50% of previous cost.

  • Word-of-mouth buzz from users and clinicians in the augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) community. 

  • Insights on colors and image styles for different audiences.

  • Insights on language to make the paralysis and loss of speech situation clearer. 

  • A new product launch with uninterrupted foot traffic from interested parties, occupying three people full time at their booth during the ATIA Orlando trade show. 

Read the Case Study

Download the full case study: Data-Driven Lead Generation & Product Launch for Control Bionics

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