We're Thrilled

We just launched a new website for Baynum Painting, the premier Roller Coaster and Water Slide Painting Company.

Their crews can be seen providing painting and related services to amusement and water parks of all sizes, working closely with park owners, operators, ride manufacturers, and maintenance teams from Cincinnati, Ohio to China!

Working on this website was fun, but it also presented a unique challenge: organizing their project portfolio to be not only visually appealing, but searchable for sales and marketing. We accomplished this with well thought out categories and tags. In the portfolio, clicking a category or tag lets you view projects not only by park but also by year, steel vs wood, manufacturer, etc. So the public website doubles as a catalog for them to show relevant projects to prospective clients.

Baynum is still adding their 200+ projects. They’re thrilled with the look, ease of editing, and overall function of their new site. We are too.

Thinking about a new website?