Kirk's Natural family of brands, including south of France & Grandpa Soap Co

Opportunity / Problem

We were creating engaging social media posts for client, but they had few followers so there was little benefit. We fixed that.


  1. Created a variety of brand and product visuals. These were a mix of straight-up product shots, custom beauty photography, and composites of custom product with stock ingredient photography.

  2. Selected likely customers based on interests and purchase behaviors. Audience sizes were adjusted so everyone could be reached 2-4 times with the client's budget.

  3. Page-like ads were run for two months; audiences and visuals were updated during the run for maximum page likes.


  1. Number of followers increased 7x.

  2. New followers were interested in the products, ingredients and brand identity, not clever headlines or promotions.

  3. Feedback on products and retail availability from people who hadn't previously engaged with the brand.


  1. Experience with most appealing visuals for the products and their ingredients.

  2. Data on the most brand-responsive audience interests and purchase behaviors.

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