NEW e-commerce WEBSITE WITH A SIDE OF Social media 

Dark Star Hot Sauce

Opportunity / Problem

Dark Star Hot Sauce initially came to us in need for a new e-commerce website. Their old site was visually antiquated and presented many challenges functionally for the Dark Star Team to manage. They also wanted to market their new site and build their social media following. Dark Star Hot Sauce slated us to turn their website, Facebook, and Instagram into tools that would work for them, that they could manage, and that supported their brand identity.


  1. Redesign and move their e-commerce site onto a platform that works for them i.e. responsive and easy to manage.

  2. Develop Facebook and Instagram profiles to match exciting new website look and feel.

  3. Grow Facebook and Instagram followers / likers with quality people interested in their product or like products.

  4. Drive traffic to the website.


Dark Star Hot Sauce already had a fantastic product, we just needed to showcase it in all it's fiery glory. We redesigned the site, procured interesting imagery and melted it with their branding. We then utilized Facebook as the world’s largest focus group. Like any focus group, Facebook isn't perfect, but it does offer some outstanding advantages:

  • an enormous number of subjects;

  • unparalleled knowledge of their interests, demographics and purchase behaviors; and

  • the ability to test their responses without being influenced by the experiment.

Ignite Your Inner Darkness

The Dark Star Hot Sauce website is now on the Shopify platform. We created a custom look that is clean, sweet, and spicy along with marketing language to support their brand identity.

Social Media Results OVERVIEW

Growth in high-quality followers

Increased followers by +205% in one month. We tested numerous combinations of interests and purchase behaviors to bring followers who are most interested in their products at the lowest price.

Dark Star will use these followers to market existing and upcoming new products.

High Post Engagement

We brought them the highest engagement rate we’ve measured against 20 other hot sauce brands from local to national. This is a results of bringing high quality followers, above, and creating and testing a outstanding, on-brand visuals.

Hot Sauce Engagement

Highest engagement measured against 20 other hot sauce brands.