Data + Design Driven Growth STrategies



Your budget goes less into agency overhead and more into audience research and media buys.


Our research and experience provides an unprecedented ability to discover your optimal audiences and target them.


Discover/uncover new audiences/affinities for your current products and branding. We can advertise to them directly, and you can use the supporting data to grow your markets.



The right balance of automation and hand-crafted.


You'll know so much and discover new things. Custom reports and monthly check-ins to keep your brand on the right track.


But not too friendly. We respect you.




Sell more products and services while working with a knowledgable, creative force.

Promote the strength of your brand. Cultivate brand advocates.



About Sund + Co

Since 1998 we've been growing up-and-coming brands from the world's customer science capitol Cincinnati USA. We believe in a focussed approach to branding and advertising, combining the best of human experience and data analysis to develop a strong brand while selling goods and services.