The Company

We are an advertising and design studio, providing branding, advertising, websites and print collateral to growing brands and companies in the Americas. We work with clients from concept, testing and design to delivery, maintenance and promotion. All work is done by our team at the studio in Cincinnati in close collaboration with clients. 

Sund + Co was founded in 1998.

Located in the customer Science capital of the world

Cincinnati USA is known as the customer science capital of the world. Design and data walk hand-in-hand. If you're local, you'll get to meet us face-to-face and in person as needed. We have long-distance relationships too. Technology allows that – what a time to be alive.


Our studio is powered by 100% green energy. Electricity purchased from Cincinnati Bell Energy is 100% wind-generated, and our natural gas is carbon-neutral through offsets purchased from NativeEnergy.


We believe in the value of public education and public services. We donate time and talents to the Cincinnati Public Schools, one of our country's progressive urban school districts. We also donate time to the Historic Milford Association and volunteer for Word Camp Cincinnati. If you see us in the wild, say hi!

Quality over Quantity

Our clients' products, their services and their brands are very important to them. They're smaller growing companies, so we use a different strategy than for big companies. Large company experience is fine, but smaller, growing companies are fundamentally different.

We are great at working to create a brand but also working with an established brand respecting what / who you already are. We're creative, conscientious, and organized!

You'll work directly with us

There are no project managers to get in the way so project expectations are realistic!


Mark Sund

Fearless Leader, Director + Kitchen Manager

Mark is Studio + Advertising Director at Sund + Co where he has led projects in advertising, branding, websites and print design for South of France, Kirk’s Natural, Dark Star Hot Sauce, The Voice of Your Customer, Control Bionics, Jump-Start Video, RiverHills Bank, CNBS, Vega Americas and many other clients. Sund + Co’s work has won accolades from clients and AMA Pinnacle Awards for Best Use of Insights and Research Insight Catalyst. 📈

Mark has been listening to clients and growing their brands since he founded Sund + Co in 1998. He loves data and in his spare time works on theoretical physics. At home he cooks and eat both plants and animals.



Sarah Crawford

Pixel Perfectionist, Strategic Marketer + Organizer

Celebrating 10 years with Sund + Co in 2019! 🎉

Sarah is Art Director + Senior Designer at Sund + Co where she has designed logos, websites, print materials, advertising and packaging for South of France, Kirk’s Natural, The Grandpa Soap Co, 20 Brix, Dark Star Hot Sauce, 1TaxFinancial, The Voice of Black Cincinnati, Control Bionics, Jump-Start Video, RiverHills Bank, CNBS, Vega Americas and many other B2C and B2B clients.

Sarah’s degree is in the Applied Science of Design and Computer Graphics from the Art Institute of Cincinnati. In her free time she loves listening to the blues, basking in the sun, and all the mom things.



William DiGiovenale

Web Specialist + Code connoisseur

William is Web Specialist at Sund + Co where he has worked on websites for RiverHills Bank, Microtrace, Kirk’s Natural, Grandpa Soap Company, The Voice of Black Cincinnati and more B2C and B2B clients. He joined Sund + Co in 2019. 

William graduated from Clark Montessori, founded by Cincinnati Public Schools in 1994 as the world’s first public Montessori high school. In his free time he hikes the trails, takes road trips with friends in questionable vehicles, and is an avid video gamer.


2019 🙂 21 Years

Back in '98 we started out doing training and consulting for small business marketing, online security and all things internet. Clients quickly asked for websites, and within five years we were fully involved in web development.

Our focus broadened to include design, marketing and advertising. We create advertising campaigns for search engines, paid placement, social media, snail mail, email, highway billboards and more, 5-foot touchscreen apps for trade shows, web and mobile-specific sites, product packaging, logos and brand guidelines, all kinds of print collateral, trade show backdrops and more.

We focus on growing brands and companies in Cincinnati and the United States. We keep projects in budget and on time. All work is done at our studio in Cincinnati USA, where we work directly with you on your campaign, site, design and collateral.

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